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More About Orange Iceberg.

Orange Iceberg is a small web development consultancy focused on transforming our client's ideas to functional web applications.

We specialize in building web applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails. However depending on a project we often assemble and lead a team of various web professionals, with help from our associates.

Why the name Orange Iceberg?

An iceberg is often over 90% underwater with only tip being visible. Most web applications (and software in general) are like that too. There's a pretty interface that makes about 10% of a web app, but underneath it there's still 90% of the app.

We make web applications. They are like icebergs in some sense. It just made sense.

Do you have another question?

If there's anything you'd like to know about Orange Iceberg or you want to talk to us please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Slobodan Kovačević - Lead developer

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Slobodan Kovačević

Lead developer

Web developer with 15+ years of experience. Currently focused on Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Jovica Šuša - Ruby Developer

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Jovica Šuša

Ruby Developer

Lost his way, worked as web designer. Found Ruby. Every day he learns something new about Ruby and Rails.

Jovana Dačić - Ruby developer

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Jovana Dačić

Ruby developer

Studied hard to get her MSc in Informatics. Tried doing QA and HTML coding. Decided she likes Ruby programming better.

Ivica Lakatoš - Ruby developer

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Ivica Lakatoš

Ruby developer

Worked in sales in a company called Iceberg. Learned to program in Ruby and started working in Orange Iceberg.

Dragan Fabian - Ruby developer

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Dragan Fabian

Ruby developer

Cares about animals, especially birds. That's all we know.

Marijana Molnar - Ruby developer

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Marijana Molnar

Ruby developer

Mysterious ex-Java programmer. In process of gathering more information about her.


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